Easy Dashboards: Transforming Raw Data into Visual Information

Dashboards are an essential data visualization tool that allow users to explore and analyze their data visually in order to find business solutions. Dashboards benefit enterprises by enabling the easy recognition of strengths and weaknesses, and the easy measuring of KPI's and metrics.

An effective dashboard can intuitively convey the same information that could only be gleaned by paging through many different reports.

Users of InetSoft's Style Intelligence can configure original dashboard designs or utilize ready-to-use templates. InetSoft's dashboards can be structured to be monitoring-oriented or analysis-oriented.

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Easy Dashboard Chart Example

Easy Drag-and-Drop Interface

Creating informative and sophisticated dashboards is a simple task with Style Intelligence. Dashboards are created with a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface that is easy to use, even for those with no IT training.

A drag-and-drop interface is also used to create unique data mashups. With the click of a mouse, the robust data mashup engine will automatically write queries that integrate and manipulate massive amounts of data.

The powerful data mashup engine is flexible enough to handle many data elements, enabling experimental changes that users can save for future use in their dashboards. Style Intelligence's BI dashboarding tools can make data that would otherwise be overwhelming yield useful insights for your enterprise.

Accessibility, Whenever and Wherever

Style Intelligence is a zero-client program that requires low maintenance, can be deployed rapidly, and has extremely customizable security measures. The web-based software enables users to quickly access and modify dashboards from any web browser, exploring their data and answering questions in real time.

This convenience is extended to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, so live engaging dashboards can be shared and utilized beyond a desktop computer.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence makes it effortless to generate elaborate and interactive dashboards that can extract and combine data from virtually any source.

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