Business Analysis Tools - Deliver Maximum Self-Service

A major goal of InetSoft is to empower end-users with maximum self-service. Since1996, InetSoft has strived to provide customers with unrestricted access to BI technology and has challenged the false practices and obstructions that previously hampered acceptance of BI software by many companies.

This self-service mission is firmly embodied in the composition of our flagship software, Style Intelligence. We require our product to be easy to set up, easy to distribute, and easy to use.

Unlike traditional business intelligence solutions that bolster complexity in order to augment licensing and consulting fees, InetSoft delivers BI software that is simple and accessible to business users, while remaining affordable for business owners.

Exceptional opportunities are forfeit when business intelligence software is only made approachable for power-users and IT personnel, because it is the business end-user who best knows the business questions that need to be resolved.

With this in mind, we have designed Style Intelligence so that ordinary business users can conduct their own analyses and create their own dashboards and reports with little to no support from technically skilled professionals.

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Empower End-Users

It is often difficult for organizations to truly know in advance what questions need to be answered. Analytic software allows users to perceive subtle business changes that may not be immediately detectable. By looking at data in new ways, new insight can emerge and new opportunities for profit and lost can be unearthed.

Users need to be able to swiftly alter reports and dashboards to changing business climates. In other words, what mattered yesterday, may not matter today. Effective business intelligence software needs to be able to keep up so users can adapt rapidly.

Conventional BI software has been unsuccessful in addressing this need for flexibility and adaptability. Traditional BI solutions make incorporating disparate data sources so overly convoluted that frustrated users, in what can only be described as wasted effort, often attempt to export operational data to Excel spreadsheets to successfully merge it with external data. Every time a user needs to renew anything, they have to manually repeat the same set of monotonous steps, creating several duplicate databases and breeding opportunities for error.

This kind of data mashup is becoming so common in enterprise applications that these error-prone methods are no longer acceptable to business users. InetSoft's BI tool addresses the need for rapid integration of data sources by supporting full end-user data mashup. This means that end-users can, on their own, combine diverse data sources to create automatically updating reports and dashboards, and can share these easily with others in the organization, all from within the primary BI software application.