Cost Effective Cloud-based BI for All Businesses: InetSoft

There is a competitive market of BI brands offering the ability to incorporate huge data-sets, often touting power and impressive scale-- but what about the best dashboarding solution for small companies? Just because your enterprise may be considered small, does not mean you do not generate lots of business data.

InetSoft, a pioneering BI software vendor, has set out to design a program that boasts user-friendliness and superior accessibility-- the perfect balance of grand scale ability with minimal technical effort for fledgling enterprises.

In order to run your business efficiently and effectively it is imperative you have access, not only to your statistics and measures, but also to trends and patterns. Once an enterprise has been given access to their own performance information, growth can increase exponentially.

InetSoft believes that the key to successful intelligence is tied to actuated data's powerful impact on an enterprise's culture of information.

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Building Dashboards without IT Expertise

Sometimes getting a handle on your business's data can feel like freezing an explosion and trying to reorganize the millions of pieces of dust thrown into the air. InetSoft understands this aspect of data collation, and knows even small businesses can generate an overwhelming amount data. This is why InetSoft commands the advantages of a zero-client software.

A zero-client is a server-based computing model that can run independent of the end user's hardware and requires no locally stored software. A example of the benefits this presents for small businesses is that zero-clients can use as little a 1/50th of the power versus other client systems. This translates to using big company BI insights made within small business affordability.

Synergistic with the presentational needs from typical office users to specialized IT and BI analysts, Style Intelligence is designed to enrich the communication across the board. The drag and drop interface makes Style Intelligence extremely easy to use, so end users can perform disparate data mashup without even realizing they are doing it. Even business users who have moderate Excel level skills can build their own dashboard from scratch-- with KPI's, insights and high levels of interactivity.

Plus the software offers mobile compatibility, complete with drill down and unpacking features, that make reports and dashboards pants-pocket portable. And since your small enterprise would not be hosting the software there is increased security and reduced vulnerability to dangers like malware. When you pair that with dedicated help channels for lightning quick responses from InetSoft's own IT team, you could start seeing positive results almost immediately.

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Small Manufacturing Companies | Big Sets of Data

Right now the BI world is watching small scale manufacturing get a strong push into the digital age. Burgeoning enterprises are always looking for a way to improve and digitize their operations. One of the challenges that small manufacturing companies face is communicating meaningfully with potential clients all over the world who need their parts and products.

But a company, armed with a Style brand BI product, that securely shares information among operational users, power users and executives, puts all personnel at a point of contact with customers on the same page.

The Style brand powerful data mashup engine is intuitive and simple and this is one of the biggest differentiators between InetSoft and other visualization vendors. And yet the background technical aspects are compatible with many widely used data storage strategies. The flagship product, Style Intelligence, has complete desktop application integration through Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Word. Thus to get up and running there is no need to heavily upgrade hardware or existing informational infrastructure.

When weighing all the advantages of BI and InetSoft's commitment to client success, it becomes obvious that Style Intelligence is the best dashboard builder for smaller enterprises and manufacturing companies.

why select InetSoft
“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA