Data Mining Software

Data mining software analyzes data from many different angles and compiles it into useful reports. Managers can use the information in these reports to increase their revenue and cut their costs.

These applications allow users to examine data from a multidimensional standpoint in order to analyze correlations that are not immediately apparent.

Companies use data mining software to sift through data for market research, report creation, and report analysis. Technological innovation continuously increases the capacity for analysis while driving down costs at the same time.

The associations found by running these programs can lead to the valuable revelations about company performance or behavior. Sales figures, stock numbers, shipping logs, and many other elements can tell an important story that will influence managers' future decisions.

Information attained this way reveals historical patterns and trends that help track key indicators that are integral to forthcoming operations.

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Data mining software is used to determine the relationships that enable managers to view impacts of certain items on their business. In addition, it grants users the power to drill down and discover information hidden beneath the surface.

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Why InetSoft

Typically large systems are required as an infrastructure to support data mining applications. The prices for these systems range from several thousands of dollars for the bare minimum applications to $1 million dollars per terabyte for the largest.

The size of the database itself impacts how powerful the required system is. InetSoft does not require a massive database to operate. It is a web-based application that can grab data from just about any source. Style Intelligence does not discriminate based on database size.

InetSoft offers dashboard reporting, data analysis, and business intelligence in one complete package. Style intelligence is an easy, agile, and robust addition to any organization.

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