Looking for Solutions for Tracking Key Performance Indicators In Human Resources?

HR Key Performance Indicators are business metrics that are used to track the human resources department's performance.

InetSoft is a business intelligence software provider who makes dashboard and reporting software that is most often used to track business performance, comparing actuals to forecast or target.

In general no software application is going to provide KPI's ready-to-use, since KPI's are metrics that are often derived from formulae that are specific to an enterprise in many cases, and in all cases the data that make up the KPI need to be mapped into the software application.

However, InetSoft's Style Intelligence is designed to be as easy as possible to deploy and use.

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Sample of an HR KPI Dashboard

To visualize how some common KPI's can be charted and analyzed in InetSoft's application look at the example screenshot to the left.

Popular HR KPIs include average number of training hours per employee, staff turnover, average training costs per employee, and HR FTE to total FTE ratio, and these could all be tracked in an interactive dashboard such as this.

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