Agribusiness Software Reporting Solution

AgKnowledge is an industry leading, cloud based Agribusiness SaaS solution for medium and small fresh fruit and vegetable producers and distributers, originally created by TechKnowledge Associates, Inc., an industry leading supplier of Agribusiness software and services to medium and small fresh fruit and vegetable producers and distributors.

An exciting new chapter in AgKnowledge history began in May 2018 with the acquisition of AgKnowledge Software by DiD Integration, Inc. DiD has partnered with TechKnowledge since 2004 to bring AgKnowledge into the cloud, and since the acquisition continues to update and improve the AgKnowledge model.

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InetSoft Powered Dashboards and Data Management

The AgKnowledge user portal utilizes InetSoft's Style Intelligence to provide dashboards and reports, and to provide data models which save time since they can be reused for different clients.

While some AgKnowledge clients are happy with simple reports that they can filter and export raw data from, AgKnowledge's more involved clients enjoy learning how to build their own agribusiness dashboards. This hands on approach is enabled by the InetSoft data worksheet interface. Data tables in the Agknowledge database often have an overwhelming number of fields, with names that are not very descriptive. DID data scientists rectify this issue by creating data worksheets with only columns included that the client will want to use, with descriptive names assigned to the columns.

Another features that DiD data scientists have widely used is the ability to schedule reports or taks, and have them run autonomously and export the results via email. That's a big deal for many AgKnowledge clients. They also enjoy the ability to bookmark a report or dashboard in a specific way, so they can just open it every day, see what they've saved the day before, and make desired changes.

Examples of Dashboards Made for AgKnowledge Clients

  • Crop Investments Over Time

  • Payroll Broken Down by Operation

  • Trays of Product Recieved by Lot and Grower

agribusiness dashboards & reports

Benefits of AgKnowledge Agribusiness Solution

Save Time

AgKnowledge runs in the cloud, making it quick and easy to get started. Clients enter information once and it automatically feeds all parts of their business. The AgKnowledge Trading Partner module automatically exchanges information with other AgKnowledge clients and eliminates "double-entry".

Access Anywhere

It's not necessary to be in the office to access AgKnowledge, making opening new locations and offices easy. All devices are supported — if the client has access to the internet, they are good to go.

Customized to Client Needs

AgKnowledge is controlled by rules and options that can be set so that it runs just the way the client wants. If they need custom programming, DiD is ready, willing and able to make the changes requested.

To read a detailed case study of Did Integration's integration of InetSoft click here.

agribusiness dashboards & reports