Tableau vs. InetSoft: Whose BI is Better?

Deciding whether or not Tableau is a suitable business intelligence product to help serve your enterprise?

Consider InetSoft's easy, agile and robust BI solution, Style Intelligence. InetSoft's BI software application benefits business-end users with superior capabilities and more flexibility than what Tableau has to offer.

While Tableau's designer can only be run on Windows, Style Intelligence is a Java-based server application that can be deployed with unrestricted functionality on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It is a zero-client program on a web-based platform that can be accessed from any web browser and mobile device. This is a huge advantage over Tableau, which requires a desktop plugin to perform basic visual analytics.

InetSoft recognizes the inconvenience and dilemmas that arise from requiring IT intervention to integrate new data sources. InetSoft enables maximum self-service by providing an easy to use data mashup tool. Users of Style Intelligence can can create their own data mashups, and even include data from their own spreadsheets. The interface is intuitively easy to navigate, requiring only Excel-level skills.

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Upgraded Visualization and Impressive Reports

Generating visualizations is the most prominent feature of Tableau's BI software. However, not only does InetSoft empower users with prevailing capabilities for visualizations, Style Intelligence also enables enterprises to create detailed and professional quality reports.

Data analysis and exploration are unbounded with the implementation of Style Intelligence. It allows multiple objects per sheet with multiple sheets per dashboard container. Users can customize multi-dimensional dashboards and interact with their business data to reveal advantageous insights.

Composing pixel-perfect, paginated reports is also included with the BI software application. To keep the enterprise updated with crucial information, the reporting engine quickly converts reports in a publishable format for easy distribution and informative presentation.

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Brilliant Data Mashup

Get the most out of your business data with InetSoft's enterprise data mashup engine. Tableau's data blending service falls short in comparison to the robustness of Style Intelligence's user-defined unique data mashups.

Using a drag-and-drop interface, the data mashup engine will automatically write historic and real-time queries that integrate and manipulate massive amounts of data. The patent pending Data Block technology is used to combine diversified fields and tables into a single relevant data model.

The powerful data mashup engine simultaneously extracts data from virtually any data source and merges it along common dimensions, so that a cluster of sources can be analyzed and handled within a single view. It is versatile enough to handle numerous data elements, which enables better data exploration for faster solutions to business problems.

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