InetSoft Product Information: Reporting Software - Archive Report Options

InetSoft's reporting software comes with extensive archive report options that are simple to incorporate in a matter of minutes. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

The following options are available for archived report on the 'Archive' page.

The archive has the option 'Delete Removed Report Permanently'. If this option is chosen, then when a report is deleted, it is not placed in the trashcan but is permanently deleted from the system.

The 'Archive Indexing' option is by default set to 'true'. When this option has been enabled, a report saved in the archive will be indexed for search capabilities. When this flag is set to 'false' the archive search will be disabled.

The 'Traversal Depth' option allows you to set the number of levels of reports that can be followed starting from the hyperlinks within the archived report. This option only applies to the 'Generated Report' output format. A 'Traversal Depth' of 0 indicates that the reports targeted by hyperlinks in the archived report will not themselves be archived, and the hyperlinks will therefore not be active. A 'Traversal Depth' of 1 indicates that one level of hyperlinked reports will also be archived, which then allows the user to follow hyperlinks in the original archived report down to a second level of archived reports. However, the hyperlinks (if any) in that second level of archived reports will not themselves be active, unless an even higher traversal depth is specified.

Note: An individual archived report is created to correspond to each traversed hyperlink, so processing time for deeper traversals may be substantial.

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Backup Archive

An archive can be backed up into a zip file by doing the following:

1. Select 'Repository' > 'Archive' on the Navigation tree under the Server tab.

2. Click on the 'Backup' button. This opens the 'Archive File' dialog.

3. Specify the backup file name and click on the 'Save' button.

Note that if the backup file name is specified without a directory, the file is created in the sree.home directory.

Compress Archived Files

The files saved in the archive can be compressed using this option. Only the files that are not already compressed are compressed if this option is turned on. Compressed files can be accessed normally from the viewer with the file name of the uncompressed file. However, compressed files are saved in the underlying storage as, for example The zip file contains a single entry – the archived file, e.g., report.csv in the previous example.

Show File Suffix in Viewer

Setting this property to true results in the file extensions being included when the archived reports are listed on the repository tree on the Portal page.

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