Analytical Dashboards For Better Decision Making

The best way to grow your business and keep growth strong is by thoroughly tracking your various operations, and analyzing the results. This means storing and compiling data and producing readable graphs and charts in a format that conveys meaningful patterns. An analytical dashboard visualizes metrics in a clear intuitive way, and even contains statistical calculations which prescribe changes in your business model.

InetSoft has developed a business intelligence program called Style Intelligence. The software contains the right tools to help you learn exactly how you are performing, and how to grow and improve your enterprise. The user friendly interface and streamlined design enable high malleability, allowing you to collate, curate, and conglomerate your data into a variety of visualization types, with precise controls available at every step.

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Style Intelligence: Web Based, Business Focused

As web-based software which runs as a service on the host machine, Style Intelligence can be accessed by any permitted user through a web-browser, eliminating the need for end users to install anything on their devices. This approach comes with several different benefits: a broader range of potential users, stronger utilization of dashboarding across an organization, and ease in collaborating on multidimensional renderings. Further, accessing Style Intelligence is not limited by the processing power of your device, whether itís a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone or tablet. It maintains itself on the host machine, allowing easy access from any web-enabled device.

Data can be organized but still difficult to derive meaning from. A program that offers lots of different types of professional charts and other displays is a good start, but the important question is, can Style Intelligence help you turn data into meaningful information? The answer, of course, is yes.

Building Comprehensive Analyses

Style Intelligence offers an interface for building comprehensive analyses in the form of interactive multidimensional charts, giving you direct access to insights that used to require several pages of reporting to put together. The application provides a wide array of filtering options, such as sliders, rulers, and selection lists, which you can use to modify visualizations and manipulate metrics in real time. SI also boasts the ability to access data from many disparate sources, effectively freeing the user from the constraint of needing a data warehouse or any single consolidated source of information. Here is a solution which is simple to implement, easy to learn, and even easier to use. After a quick deployment of Style Intelligence with some help from your IT staff, the benefits a manager or executive is seeking from analytical dashboards become immediately apparent.

Style Intelligence's intuitive dashboard functionality offers the possibility to analyze elaborate looks at past and current performance. But reporting is not the limit to Style Intelligence's breadth or functionality. Ultimately, InetSoft is offering a pathway to superior analysis. Dashboards can contain custom flyover charts as well as links to smaller dashboards based on subsets of data, allowing users to see and analyze several levels and dimensions of data at once. This results in a focused, superior analysis of your business's progress, and a clear path forward as your business grows.

The Best Dashboard Option

"We were searching for a dashboard solution, and InetSoft was the best option. We selected InetSoft over other vendors due to our positive experience evaluating the product. InetSoft is more flexible, easier to use, and easier to develop for than other products we looked at." - - A. Ozen Akyurek, General Manager of Ventura Software
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